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Benedict Cumberbatch is sexy and freaking awesome. I mean come on Indian Jones himself thinks he’s awesome as Sherlock Holmes. Han fecking Solo. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not true to us. I mean he’s got beautiful eyes. Don’t even get me started on how hot he is when his hair is all curly. And that voice! Could and would listen to him forever.

Looks aside this man is truly a very gifted actor. I mean if you haven’t actually made an effort to watch him in anything he’s been in plenty besides Sherlock and Star Trek. Go find one of his other amazing movies and watch them. Watch more then one!

Maybe he doesn’t do it for everybody but that’s all right. I personally never got the appeal of a lot of the so called sexiest men out there. George Clooney? Kind of dull but I’m not going to harp on it past that. I’ve yet to see the appeal of Justin Bieber. I could go on. But if everybody had the same taste in people the world would suck. I’m happy to have my own opinion on things like this. If I didn’t my mom would of married me off to some dude long ago.

Some people are just sexy. Doesn’t have to be gorgeous on the outside but they have a quality. Something about them is just….sexy.

I want to start off by saying that are there a limited supply of women in Port Charles? I understand love triangles and all the dumbass drama are soaps bread and butter but come the heck on already! Do the evil twin story line again. Or bring some other people back from the dead. Maybe its just the people the choose to put in love triangles are characters I can’t stand anyway. Though I guess there’s also a limited supply in men. Lord knows women have fought enough over the same men. Or man. Some of them are also not worth it.

Second of all Morgan should of never lied. He should of never felt like he had to lie. He should of kicked the witch to the curb the minute he realized the girl still had feelings for Michael even though she thought he was her cousin!

He shouldn’t of lied to keep her. He should of never let himself be the guy she settled for because she couldn’t diddle her cousin! Even if he turned out not to be her cousin.

And seriously soap people can we stop doing the brothers fighting over he same woman? I swear I have never wanted to snatch my sisters boyfriends from them. Its an instant turn off knowing they’ve been there already. But go ahead Michael. Diddle your brothers left overs. Your brother was there first. You are basically screwing your brother.

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